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"Lauren really hit the nail on the head from the standpoint of bringing a fresh perspective on how we interact with our audiences."

Michael L.

"I highly recommend Lauren for any organization that’s looking to step out of the traditional training process and better the skill set through a unique approach."

Dan M.

"By my calculations, I took 220,752,000 incorrect breaths before I started to do it right. Slow learner, I know. I'd breathed the same way for forty-two years. Then... Justin Stoney gave me a lesson."

Esquire Magazine
Magazine August 2010
AJ Jacobs

New York Times Best Selling Author of "The Year of Living Biblically" and "The Know It All"

"As a business leader, great communication skills are absolutely key. I was looking for coaching in the area of delivery, specifically voice projection when presenting, as I very often do, to large audiences. I can't begin to thank John West enough for his help, his expertise, and his amazing personality. Working with John I was able to discover the many different ways one can use voice, breathing, and depth. I highly recommend New York Speech Coaching. True professionals who bring the art of vocal coaching to many stages, including the business arena."

Jackie Hernandez

COO – Telemundo Communications Group, Inc.

"My entire job revolves around communication. Whether it’s delivering good news or bad, my ability to convey information clearly and confidently is what leads to a trusting relationship with our clients. I deal directly with people from some of the largest corporations in the world every day – and I used to be asked to repeat myself all the time. I felt unstable with my voice and I was NOT projecting confidence. But ever since I started working with John, clients have COMPLIMENTED me on what has been called a “transformation!” With his simple, practical instruction – John has shown me ways to be the most confident speaker in the room. I have power in my presence and speaking voice, and it’s all thanks to meeting John West. I cannot recommend New York Speech Coaching highly enough to anyone who has ever had to speak in a professional setting."

Axiom Corporation
Jason New

Axiom Corporation

"True teaching is indeed an art and John West has the magical touch to create a learning environment that is upbeat and fun. In making learning enjoyable he does not sacrifice quality of instruction. He is professional from beginning to end with a unique touch that allows me to learn quickly and master each lesson each time that I see him. This keeps my creativity going and my interest in tact."

Nabila Khashoggi

Film actress, Eye of the Widow, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Perfume

"I've had great results from the instruction I've received here! I've learned how to make sounds I never imagined I could make, how to improve the quality of my tone, how to come across as more authoritative and more personable, and much more. I really recommend this place, but watch out - don't muscle into my lesson times ;)"

Goldman Sachs
Ken B.


"When I unexpectedly was asked to give the Ph.D. convocation address at a large university, I wanted my delivery to be worthy of the overwhelming task, and turned to John West and New York Speech Coaching. In a few sessions, John skillfully guided me through the process of making sure my words were not only loud and clear, but also conveyed a complex mix of humor, humanity, gravitas, and sense of occasion. Part theater coach, vocal coach, and even life coach, John is a talented individual who was more than partially responsible for my successful and perhaps even memorable speech."

Valerie P.

Historian & Ph.D.

"Tremendous coaching, both on basics of speech (breathing, projecting etc) and on optimal delivery of content."

Pete B.


"The interview portion of a beauty pageant is usually the most intimidating. You not only have to be up on current events, but you must articulate your thoughts in a way that come across intelligently and confidently. I was a nervous wreck about my speaking voice until I met John. But through our time together, he helped me to realize so much about my voice and myself. I don’t panic now when a question comes! Through the body work and breath work that we did, I’m now able to speak as well on stage as I do with my friends at dinner. THANK YOU, JOHN WEST!! Pageant girls, listen!! He will help you NAIL your interview!!"

Miss Teen America
Leah Beth Bolton

former Miss Teen Tennessee

"Fantastic instructors that will really show you the possibilities and how to get there step by step. Very flexible teaching; can really help you wherever you are in life and whatever your schedule looks like. I have worked with John for the last 3 months or so and the improvements have been simply immense. Highly recommended."

Alex J.

"If you are looking to improve body language and voice projection, and deliver speech with confidence, then New York Speech Coaching is a perfect place for you. I am so grateful to have found John West. Lessons are one on one, in a relaxed and fun environment. John is a great teacher, being responsive to my needs, giving constructive feedback and knowledgeable and passionate about his work. He inquired about my progress every time we met and whether I had any questions from previous lesson. He impressed me with an in-depth knowledge on how vocal cords work. He introduced different techniques, starting from simple and moving towards more complex ones on how to train vocal cords for better voice projection. He is excellent at simulating and acting out different situations. The desired results were seen very quickly, which has encouraged me to continue working with John. Highly recommend!!!"

Inna K.

Physical Therapist

"I am a Chinese student taking Accent Reduction lessons here. John is very professional and helped me correct many pronunciation problems that are common to Chinese native speakers. I can now pronounce words that I was not able to before my therapy. His teaching style is also very encouraging, which is new and great for me who came from an Asian education background. I am very glad that I chose this school."

Risk Focus
Xinfeng Leigh

Risk Focus

"My speech went very well! The pointers we spoke about came in very handy. I got a lot of compliments. John’s advice was well worth the money."

Joey H.

Aja Designs

"Thanks to John, lots of people said I was a graceful bride and I appeared very poised and self-assured, especially when I was giving my speech. Knowing the material so well and practicing it the way he instructed really gave me that confidence. I looked at everybody the whole time, stayed still with good posture, kept smiling, emphasized the right words, was in the moment, even ad-libbed some stuff in the middle of my speech. I am so happy with how everything turned out and getting John’s help was definitely the smartest decision I've made with this whole wedding prep. I can't thank you enough for giving me that self-confidence I needed during my speech!"

Manisha C.

Blushing bride

"New York Speech Coaching is very professional, helpful and always goes over time. I have been there for only a couple of times, and I saw a huge improvement in my accent. The prices are also very flexible and reasonable. Lessons here are one on one, the coaches there are really friendly creating a stress free learning environment."

Samantha Zhang

Actress and student at Pace University

"Thanks to John for a very positive experience. It was a pleasure, and the lessons were very worthwhile, with plenty of good information. John is an excellent teacher!"

Jim M.


"A few lessons with Justin Stoney and New York Speech Coaching made a big difference in my public speaking. I learned many new techniques and my confidence increased dramatically. I highly recommend this public speaking program!"

Jill T.

President of a Major New York City Philanthropic Organization

"I was recommended to Justin for his speech coaching lessons. After a couple of sessions I have seen major improvements in my voice and my confidence. Justin is an amazing teacher. Soon after vocal coaching I continued taking singing lessons with Justin. Singing is something I've always wanted to do but I sounded terrible. Every weekend for the last two months has been a wonderful experience. Justin brings fun in learning any new skill. Every session is different and challenging. He is very patient and encouraging with his students, especially with a guy like me who doesn't have any previous musical background. It is amazing how different my voice now sounds when I sing and speak, and it has only been a couple of months. I will continue taking my lessons with Justin and I will recommend him to anyone out there wishing to explore their voice to its full potential."

Dali L.

Native Croatian Speaker / Student of Voice and Speech